Testing the Rust crate "subplotlib"

2023-01-04 19:26

1 Rust library for assisting with running subplots

The subplotlib crate is a library which assists with running test suites generated using the rust template from Subplot.

This document is intended to test subplotlib, not to provide instruction on how to use it.

2 Fundamentals

All fundamental keywords are properly supported in subplotlib and the rust template.

given a counter starting at 0
when the counter is incremented
then the counter is 1
when the counter is incremented
then the counter is 2

3 Embedded files

You can have files embedded into your subplot tests with the rust codegen as well.

File: example.txt

This data file will be embedded into the test suite
given I have read the file example.txt into EXAMPLE
when I look at EXAMPLE
then I see "will be embedded"

4 Data directory

There is a data directory, and for now this test will fail if there’s not at least 1 megabyte of space in the data directory

given datadir has at least 1024000B of space
and datadir has at least 1M of space